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Meet Sophea

nnd_9245_jpgSophea was born into an abusive family. Her mother was violently abusive and her father was passive. Perhaps thinking he was saving her, Sophea’s father sold her to a family friend when she was four years old. Sophea says, “If my father thought he’d saved me from cruelty, he was wrong. The woman who took me was even more cruel than my mother…I was not allowed to go anywhere and didn’t have enough food to eat…I tried to run away from her many times but each time she would catch me, beat me up and bring me back to her house.” Sophea was then sold as slave labor from one family to the next for many years. One day a man came to the house she was in and talked about a dormitory 10 kilometers away and invited her to live and study there. Sophea explains, “I didn’t dare say anything, but in my heart I was planning a way to escape and go to this dormitory. That night, I stole one of the children’s bicycles and cycled as fast as I could.” As it got later in the night, a group of people told her that it was too late for someone her age to be out alone. The group contacted the village chief who allowed her to stay at his house. The family she ran from found Sophea and wanted to take her back but the village chief refused because he knew they were abusive towards her. A few weeks passed and the village chief was able to contact someone from Hagar. Sophea arrived to Hagar soon afterwards.

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