Clients often come to Hagar Cambodia with a legal case to pursue against those who have abused them. Finding justice is a long and difficult process. In Cambodia, Hagar has a dedicated Legal and Protection department which works collaboratively with case workers, counsellors, educators and programme managers to ensure the protection of each client. The Legal and Protection Department also networks and coordinates with government agencies, partner organisations and the police to advocate for dignified court proceedings for clients, does training with clients to prepare them for court proceedings, and advocates for each client throughout the trial period. After the trial they ensure the client is debriefed, understands the verdict and is well informed about what steps they can take next. protection-video


Our goal: Clients have legal identity and nationality and are safe in an environment that is free from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. They have access to legal support and representation, and are equipped to protect themselves.

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One in three women and girls in Afghanistan experience physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

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It is believed that as many as 400,000 Vietnamese women and children have been trafficked

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