The Whole Journey
Restoring wholeness is at the heart of Hagar’s approach. We work holistically on issues of protection, recovery, education, economic empowerment and reintegration and believe that success in these areas leads to transformation – both for our clients and stakeholders. No area of our work is mutually exclusive – each area overlaps and complements the other areas. Hagar’s focus is the restoration of each individual in our care.Hagar Cambodia serves women and children who have survived the most extreme cases of human rights abuse – sexual exploitation and violent rape, trafficking for labour and forced work, domestic violence and acid attacks. Hagar walks the entire journey of recovery – through recovery shelters, legal support, education and employment programmes, health care, trauma counselling and transitional and reintegration support – so that our clients can live in community once again with dignity.

Where We Work


One in three women and girls in Afghanistan experience physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

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It is believed that as many as 400,000 Vietnamese women and children have been trafficked

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