Hagar’s Media Policy

Hagar recognizes the important role of media in combatting sexual exploitation, human trafficking, gender-based violence, and other human rights abuses. We are committed to building positive media relationships and welcome all enquiries. Hagar works to cooperate with media requests in a timely manner and makes every effort to accommodate each request. We ask the media to understand and appreciate the sensitive nature of the work we do, and the importance of protecting the rights and safety of all of our clients.

Contacts For Media Inquiries

We have a range of staff available to provide expert commentary on the work we do in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam as well as offer perspectives on human rights, community development, recovery from trauma, social enterprise and gender issues. For interview requests with these or other experts, please send your inquiries to media@hagarinternational.org


Where We Work


One in three women and girls in Afghanistan experience physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

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Cambodia is a source, transit and destination country for trafficking of women, girls and boys for sexual

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It is believed that as many as 400,000 Vietnamese women and children have been trafficked

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