Hagar welcomes Geetha Yoga, Chief Operations Officer

Warm welcome to Geetha Yoga, Chief Operations Officer

Hagar International warmly welcomes Geetha Yoga as Hagar’s Chief Operations Officer. Geetha has an extensive management experience and a background across Finance, HR, Operations, Governance and IT Management. Following a successful career in the Australian Banking and Finance sector which spanned for over 16 years, Geetha transitioned to a...

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USA vs. Erik Peeters


In February 2009, the Cambodian authorities arrested Erik Leonardus Peeters, a 48-year-old American citizen, on suspicion of sexual contact with children. Peeters had arrived in Cambodia in 2008 and within two months had started to look for young boys. He particularly targeted children who were destitute...

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Hagar Cambodia Community Training Impact 2016


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Appointment of Phil Badger as Chair of the Board

Phil Badger’s grounding in the financial sector has formed the basis of a broad commercial business career. Over the last few years, Phil has been involved in Senior Management and Governance roles within finance and distribution, moving into Director and Chairman roles around New Zealand. Phil is a Professional Director...

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FAST FACTS: Trafficking of Vietnamese Women

INFOGRAPHIC: Hagar’s 2016 Mid-Year Report


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Fast Facts: Human Trafficking

2016 Trafficking in Persons Report freshly released

fast facts-HTDay-1
This week the 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report was released. The Trafficking in Persons Report, or TIP Report, is an annual report issued by the U.S. State Department's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. It ranks governments based on US perceptions of their efforts to acknowledge and combat human trafficking. The government of...

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Hagar and Anti-Human Trafficking in Singapore

Atin is a sex trafficking survivor. Originally from Indonesia, she was lured to work as a waitress in Malaysia and promised a good salary to support her family. Instead, she was trafficked to a brothel in Singapore, forced to serve many men. It was only when Malaysian police raided the...

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Transitioning of the House of Smiles


In December 2015, all six clients who were living at Hagar’s House of Smiles Disability Project Group Home transitioned into government services through the Ministry of Social, Veteran and Youth Affairs (MoSVY). With a Memorandum of Understanding...

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