Trafficking in Person’s (TIP) Report 2017

This morning, as the TIP report for 2017 was released, we echo the sentiments of former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, “The scale of human trafficking is atrocious. The silence that conceals this crime is disgraceful. We have to speak out because the victims are living in fear for their lives....

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A Future Full of Light

Mariam’s story comes from a programme run by Hagar Afghanistan, Empowering Women and girls toward Economic Participation (EWEP). An Afghan women’s right to safe and sustainable work is almost non-existent, especially for those with backgrounds of violence and exploitation. EWEP seeks to bridge the gap for survivors to enter the...

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A Village Chief’s Bold Decision Saves a Life

We took her in and had to keep her safe. She was very afraid and it was clear to me that she had been mistreated…” said village chief Chhun Ngonn when he came across young Sophea. Sophea was only four years old when her father sold her into slavery. She spent...

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Hagar welcomes Geetha Yoga, Chief Operations Officer

Warm welcome to Geetha Yoga, Chief Operations Officer

Hagar International warmly welcomes Geetha Yoga as Hagar’s Chief Operations Officer. Geetha has an extensive management experience and a background across Finance, HR, Operations, Governance and IT Management. Following a successful career in the Australian Banking and Finance sector which spanned for over 16 years, Geetha transitioned to a...

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Hagar Cambodia Community Training Impact 2016


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Each Small Act Makes a Diffence

Living and working in the Kingdom of Wonder has been the most fulfilling and worthy experience I have had. Despite considering myself reasonably “well-travelled”, nothing compares to living and settling in a country so vastly different to home. The initial month had its challenges - a million miles away from...

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A Message from the CEO for the New Year

The 1st of January, New Year’s day, is the most widely celebrated festival around the world. Over the coming months others will also celebrating the beginning of a new year: Chinese New Year and Tet in Vietnam on the 28th of January, Khmer New Year on the 14th of April...

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Appointment of Phil Badger as Chair of the Board

Phil Badger’s grounding in the financial sector has formed the basis of a broad commercial business career. Over the last few years, Phil has been involved in Senior Management and Governance roles within finance and distribution, moving into Director and Chairman roles around New Zealand. Phil is a Professional Director...

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A lovely Homecoming for Tra and her Sons

Soon after she was married, Tra knew that her life would not be easy. Her husband was accused of damaging property and he was sent to jail for six months. Her mother-in-law did not consider Tra as a daughter-in-law but just as another source of income for the family. She expected Tra to make...

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FAST FACTS: Trafficking of Vietnamese Women